Sunday, October 14, 2012

An Open Letter to Heidi Heitkamp

I am posting this open letter to Heidi Heitkamp on behalf of Rose Bond, who is a resident of North Dakota. On the front end, I do want to state a few things for the record. I am not getting paid by Rose Bond, the Republican Party, Rick Berg's campaign, or any entity for providing this blog post. Also, I am not paying Rose Bond for the permission to post this here on Rhetorical Consequences. Of course, I am receiving the marketing benefit of the traffic generation that such a letter could bring to this site (and others of mine) as a positive consequence. It should also be stated that I do support Rick Berg for the open seat in North Dakota. It is known that I am openly affiliated with the Republican Party in North Dakota, although I am first a Catholic, then a conservative, and then a Republican. As always, please click here and take a moment to read my relevant credentials and disclaimers as related to my work on this blog and beyond.

Other than some minor corrections by me, the content of the following letter is genuinely that of Rose Bond. Rose Bond retains the copyright ownership of her words below. Her words are her views, and it should not be assumed that she endorses all of the content on this blog. Of course, I do see her message here below as a significant matter, both for her personally and for North Dakota politically. 

Thank you for reading this post! 

Dr. Eric Grabowsky 
Dickinson, North Dakota


An Open Letter to Heidi Heitkamp

2401 46th Ave SE, Suite #202
Mandan, ND 58554

A few weeks ago, you came to Mott, ND to campaign for votes. You sent me several form emails inviting me to the event.

I decided to attend the event and hopefully get a chance to talk to you about several concerns I have of a political nature.

I tried several times to speak to you during the campaign event, but every time I began to ask you a question, you distracted yourself and spoke to other people in the room. Although I felt you were being rude to snub me, I took into account you wanted to talk to everyone at the Hertz mansion.

I waited for you to give your speech and then waited my turn to ask my questions. The minute I asked a simple question, I was whisked away to another room to talk to one of your secretaries. The secretary promised that you would get back to me with answers to my questions and hopefully help for my issues.
I never did hear from you. I did hear from one of your campaign managers, but I don’t think he passed my message on to you, because you never got back to me.

Then I heard through the gossip in town that the Hertz girls were saying that their brother, Shane paid me to disrupt and ruin your party! I TOLD you that I was a disabled firefighter, barely making ends meet and now if I have to report to Social Security Income that I NEVER received, I will be infuriated!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried to write this letter to your website, but when I goggled your web address to contact you I received a message that your political site is not a trusted site, and my computer would not allow me to send you this message via the internet!

Shane, the son of Milton and Carol Hertz does not, will not, and has never expressed a desire to pay me to speak my mind or to disrupt any political party. I don’t think that the simple question I asked deserved such a slanderous retribution. I don’t know what any of you or your friends’ problem is, but I so demand and expect this lie to be atoned for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the note of your not wanting to communicate with me, Rick Berg not only answers my email, returns my phone calls and has looked into helping me, he invited me to accompany him in some parades, gave me a couple of t-shirts and asked Senator Hoeven to help me. I am a registered Democrat, but after my experience with you, can you connect the dots and see how not only I, but my near friends and Facebook Friends, are going to be voting?

Rose Bond

513 Wisconsin Ave

Mott, ND 58646